About Us

Andrew Bone has collaborated with a number of people on his short films. 

Andrew Graham-Brown is an internationally respected and award winning documentary film maker.  Website Link.

Tara Hugo is a renowned singer/song-writer and a regular collaborator with the composer, Philip Glass. Website Link.

Vissey Safavi is London based actress and nominated theatrical designer. Website Link.

Shaun McCrindle is a Bristol based singer-songwriter. Website Link.

Claudia Stolze is a self-employed wig and make-up artist, painter and sculptor working in theatre, film and TV. @LaStolze

Gary Cargill is an actor and was in Andrew's year at RADA. Gary supports Everton. @GaryCargillx

Robert Styles is both an actor and a second generation Punch and Judy man. Website Link.

Ellis Jones is both an actor and respected acting coach. Website Link.

All the professional actors who voiced, "Mr London" can be found on Spotlight. Website Link.

Pete McAuliffe is a black cab driver. A really good one.

Graham 'Walshy' Walsh is available for Reconstruction Acting work. Prices vary.